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Lakehill Soccer Registration for Fall 2017

Registration for this years Fall/Winter Soccer season is now open. Register before June 30 to receive the $30 early bird discount and a chance to win a free registration!

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Risk Management

To protect our youth members from risk and exposure to mistreatment and harm, Lakehill Soccer adheres to the policy set forth by BC Soccer Association to have those in a position of responsibility (or perceived responsibility) over a member aged 18 years or younger to have a valid Criminal Record check on file with the club.

Criminal Record Check for Lakehill Soccer

Directors, Coaches*, Assistant Coaches* and Managers for Divisions U5 to U18, as well as those of Senior teams who may be calling up players under the age of 19, are required to complete a Criminal Record Check.  Criminal Record Checks on file with the club are considered valid if they were performed within the last 3 years. (Date performed is less than 36 months from end of season).   *coaches or youth player volunteers under 19yrs. are not required to submit a CRC.

The easiest way to obtain a CRC (free!) is to follow this link – https://justice.gov.bc.ca/eCRC/ and use access code: ESSUTYPQFJ – the rest should be straight-forward. Even if you are renewing an expiring CRC, please make sure you select the box for a new CRC and not an update. Alternately, you can visit your local police detachment to complete a paper version. Please advise them that this is for a volunteer position at Lakehill Soccer and they should waive any fee.
If you have a valid CRC, or believe there is an error in our records, please forward an electronic copy to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Please note: BC Soccer only considers a CRC valid for 3 years from date of issue. Coaches and managers under 19 years of age are exempt from this requirement.

BC Soccer is inforcing this requirement and coaches and volunteers may be prevented from interacting with youth until the Criminal Record Check has been returned to the club.

Reports can be dropped at: Braefoot Activity Centre.

Risk Management
Lakehill Soccer Association
1359 McKenzie Ave. 
Victoria, BC  V8P 2M1

Further details can be found on the BC Soccer website under Risk Management.

Failure to submit a form by the deadline will mean that the Club have to suspend the responsibilities of the coach, team manager or other member until the form is completed.

If you have any questions, regarding risk management at our club, please contact our Director of Public Relations and Conflict Resolution at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I submit my teaching certificate or other professional certification that requires a CRC as an equivilant to a CRC?
    Unfortately no, we need to have a the original or copy of a currently valid CRC on file.  As the CRC is your property, you can ask your employer for a copy that you can submit to us or you can obtain a new CRC.
  2. Can I look at the CRC prior to submitting it to Lakehill Soccer.
    Yes, the CRC is considered your property and you are entitled to look at it prior to submitting it for review.
  3. Can I get my CRC back at the end of the year or when I need it for something else?
    Yes, however your CRC needs to be on file while you are active with the club (eg. currently coaching).  Normally the CRC we receive is kept on file until it is considered out of date at which time it can either be returned to the owner by owners request or securely destroyed and disposed of by the owners request.* If we don't hear from the owner, expired documents will be securely destroyed at a later date.

  4. Can I hand in a letter from my employer that states that my CRC was done and is fine?
    No, this is not considered a Criminial Record Check.  We require either the original or certified copy of the completed CRC document on file.

  5. What happens when my CRC expires?
    When your CRC is 3 years old, we will hold it during the current season until we receive an updated CRC.  At that time we will log the new CRC on file and shred the old CRC.  Otherwise, an outdated CRC will be held until the end of current season at which time it will then be shredded / destroyed.





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