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  • Lakehill Spring Soccer(U6-U13) - April 18th.
  • Anneswer To Cancer - May 13th: Finlayson.



Lakehill Spring Soccer 2017

Registration is now open for this years Spring Soccer Program.

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Message from the Director of Volunteers

Volunteering can be a fun and rewarding way to be a part of your club. We also can't do it without you! Lakehill is a volunteer run club from top to bottom - the only paid positions are the technical staff. So we need everyone to chip in to make our club the best place to play soccer in Greater Victoria!

Thanks to all those individuals who have already volunteered to coach, manage or act as a linesperson for their child's team and/or have completed other duties around the club. We are a club that depends on its volunteers and we need everyone's help. To date, I have been contacting individuals based on the role they signed up for during the registration process. If you haven't yet heard from me yet....you eventually will! Why not beat me to the punch. Look at the volunteer list  and find a position that suits you. Then just email me to let me know (just in case someone else already grabbed it!) Once you get a confirmation - and any related instructions - fulfill your volunteer hours. Voila - job done. You can bask in the warm glow of a good feeling, a job well done, and the respect and admiration of your club!
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Lakehill Comment on the Treatment of Officials

Lakehill Soccer believes adamantly in the role of officials in the game of soccer, and in protecting those officials from any type of abuse and have been vocal about this issue in the past. We have recently circulated a communique to all Lakehill coaches and managers outllining our club values and the policies of BC Soccer and Lower Island Soccer as they relate to abuse of referees. BC Soccer, through it's Coach Centre, circulated a memo on protection of youth last week to all registered coaches. We have been leaders in the local soccer scene with our support for referee training and the creation and funding of a referee mentorship program. We have also developed and are in the process of launching a Field Marshall program to address referee abuse by spectators. We will continue to push this and similar initiatives to ensure that game officials at all levels are respected and encouraged. Officials are part of our sport and part of every game: we can't do it without them. All participants in soccer deserve our respect and tolerance as we strive to make our sport the best game for everyone.
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Lakehill Seniors Shine Despite the Weather

Lakehill is more than just youth soccer. Over the past 60 years, we have developed a vibrant seniors program that has seen a fair share of success at all levels of local soccer. This year our clubs six men's and four women's team have started off strongly in their respective visl.org and liwsa.com leagues. Many of our teams, including the Div 1 Men's have had a successful summer recruitment phase and are achieving good results! The D1 Men are coming off a strong showing in Campbell River  (see newspaper article). Our Senior teams typically play at Braefoot park on Friday nights and on Sunday's. Check out the weekly schedule for game times and locations. Put on your Lakehill colours and come out and cheer them on!


Field Marshall Program


Referee retention has been a troubling issue over the past few years in Victoria.  This shortage  has many causes, but the most worrisome is the abuse from team officials, parents and spectators towards the youth referees. This abuse can come in many forms but in particular, it is the personal, provocative and public verbal abuse regarding the referee’s on-field performance that causes many referees to quit.

This unacceptable behavior towards all game officials but in particular towards our youth must be addressed if soccer is to have an adequate supply of referees. The Field Marshall (FM) Program is intended to empower one individual to speak up on behalf of the officials amongst their fellow spectators.


  • Role of the FM is to be a friendly, in-person reminder that soccer is just a game and that every participant deserves our respect

  • All U9-U18 teams participating in Lakehill Soccer Association (LSA) play must designate an individual at each game (home and away) to act as FM

  • The FM will be identified with a fluorescent safety vest provided by Lakehill Soccer.

  • Potential problems that the FM will be on the lookout for may include:  inappropriate comments, gestures and/or general unsporting behavior directed at referees, players or any other individual by your team's parents/spectator

Field Marshall Responsibilities:

  • Wear the FM vest provided to clearly identify yourself.

  • At the beginning of each game, remind Lakehill parents/spectators to please keep their comments to themselves and to refrain from vocalizing complaints during the game (it is not expected that the FM will engage with the opposing team’s spectators).

  • Position yourself in the middle of your team's spectators’ area (move between groups of spectators if they are spread out)

  • Monitor the behavior of your team’s parents/spectators

  • Act to quickly diffuse potential problems by either being visible or calmly speaking with the individual(s) involved.   Avoid getting into a confrontation. This role is one of supporting the officials, not policing the supporters.

  • Support the game officials if they request help. .

  • If a spectator’s behaviour continues or escalates, advise him/her that a report will be filed with the club.

  • As soon as possible following the game, submit a report to the Lakehill Director of Conflict Resolution

  • Any concerns/complaints/compliments about game officials at away games should be directed to Lower Island Soccer

All Lakehill youth teams are expected to participate in the FM Program

​Do: Your best to ensure respect and sportsmanship is shown by Lakehill parents towards everyone at the field

Do: Try to calmly diffuse any tense situations using words and non-threatening gestures (such as smiling), while striving to maintain a neutral and diplomatic demeanour.

Do: Try to make note of any significant untoward behaviour, the individual responsible, and report it using the Field Marshall report form on the Lakehill website.

Do not: Physically engage individuals or put yourself in a dangerous position.

Do not: Make accusations towards or allegations against any individuals.

Do not: Engage in any behaviour that could escalate the situation.

Remember - the role of the Field Marshall is to be a friendly, in-person reminder that soccer is just a game and that every participant deserves our respect.

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Lakehill Soccer 60th AnniversaryLAKEHILL FC 60th ANNIVERSARY

Sunday, October 30th @ 1:00-2:30pm
Braefoot Turf


Wear your Lakehill colours, bring your family and join in the celebration.  Watch some of Lakehill FC top players in an intramural competitive co-ed game.  The action starts at 1PM with a half time celebratory ceremony involving many Lakehill FC generations.  You will feel the Lakehill FC spirit.  In fact you’ll want to stick around and kick a ball with your friends or reminisce about the good ole days!

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