About the Lakehill Soccer Association

Lakehill Soccer Association (sometimes also known as Lakehill Football Club) is registered as a society in British Columbia. Therefore, it has a Constitution, under the Society Act of the Province of British Columbia, that governs it, and policies that guide it on the day to day (and season to season) operation.

As a society, Lakehill conducts an Annual General Meeting each year at the close of the season. This season's was held on Sunday, November 17th at St. Margaret's School.


The policies that guide our association are listed in the Youth Teams Policy Manual and Senior Teams Policy Manual.


The Executive of the Lakehill Soccer Club exists for the purpose of ensuring that the administration of the club proceeds in an effective manner. The executive is comprised of the Executive Council, under which are Standing Committees and Division managers.  The responsibility of Standing Committees falls under the respective Executive Council member, but the Director of Operations is responsible for all Division Managers (with the exception of the Seniors' Director).