2021-22 Practice Schedule


LISA Levels of Play

Fall 2021 Practice Schedule

This Braefoot Park practice schedule is in effect until further notice. In the event of inclement weather, please check the field status on the home page. When grass fields are closed, grass field practices and games are considered cancelled.

  • Any formal changes to the practice schedule must be approved by the Lakehill Board of Directors. Teams may not switch field or time slots without the express approval of the Lakehill Board of Directors
  • All Lakehill field bookings (games) will be coordinated by the Fields Scheduler: make-up league games may take priority over regular practices at the discretion of the Fields Scheduler.
  • Fields are always considered to be open unless listed as closed on the homepage of the website. Frozen/frost covered grass fields should always be considered as "closed" even if the field status page has not been updated. Do not walk on frosty fields.
  • Please observe all turf field rules as per the signs on the perimeter fencing. No metal stud shoes are permitted on the turf field. All users are to brush their cleats using the provided brushes prior to entering the turf field.