Full Field Game Schedule


  Day / Date         Time       Lakehill Visitor Venue
  Friday Nov 22nd         6pm           Turf
            8pm           Turf
  Saturday Nov 23rd                      
            12:30pm           Turf
            2:15pm           Turf
            4pm           Turf
            6pm           Turf
            8pm           Turf
  Sunday Nov 24th                      
            10am           Turf
            12pm           Turf
            2:15pm           Turf

Braefoot Turf Field rentals

Turf Rental Calendar - lists bookings already in place

To contact the field/referee coordinator email:  fields@lakehillsoccer.com 

If your game is scheduled for Beckwith Park, the storage room will be open by 7:45am on Saturdays and close by 5pm. Sundays it will be opened for scheduled games only. It is your responsibility to put up and take down the nets and corner flags before and after your match.

If coaches want to schedule exhibition matches during open blocks in the weekend Small-Sided and Full Field match schedules, they must notify the Field Manager no later than 72 hours prior to the proposed match