U5/6 Sandblasters Soccer Information

Braefoot Sandblasters Soccer Skills

Introduction to Soccer for 4 and 5 Year Olds (U5/U6)

Sandblasters is about having fun and learning about soccer in a non-competitive, no pressure environment. The emphasis is on smiles, and laughter and learning to love playing with a soccer ball. Put on in cooperation with Braefoot Community Association.

Rules & Set-Up

  • The allocated time is Saturdays 2:00-3:00pm on Braefoot #3. 35-40 minutes of activities and maximum 20-25 minutes of games.

  • There is a session every Saturday but "games" against other teams are scheduled for every second week. If your team does not have a scheduled game then your session will on the sub-field from the previous week. There are 11 teams this season, so the team with the "bye" during the day of scheduled games uses sub-field #6.

  • The reason for scheduled games every other week is that, as fun as these games may appear to be, they are actually not as fun or engaging to many of the players - and these games are not nearly as beneficial to their development as activities that focus on dribbling and movement. 

  • There should be a maximum of 4v4 on each field in any game - no goalkeepers.

  • Pass-ins(kick-ins) or dribble-in if the ball leaves the area. No throw-ins.

  • Please return all PUG nets to the middle at the end, and do not take white cones. This equipment belongs to the technical staff and is used for programming throughout the club.


  • Activities with dribbling(like 'Squirrels & Nuts') and movement(like 'Pinnie Tag') should be used as much as possible.

  • 2v2 and 3v3 games are ideal as it gives the players time and space to dribble, and dribbling is the most important part of their physical literacy and all-around proficiency.

  • Physical literacy(ABC: Agility, Balance, Control) is key for these little ones and they need to be kept moving! Please ensure there are never any long lines or activities with players standing around.

Game Schedule

Complete U5/6 Game Schedules can be viewed and downloaded through the registration system. Braefoot 3 Grass field will be divided up into 6 mini-fields according to the following diagram.