U11/12 Game Schedule



Start Time Div Home Opponent Venue


To contact the field/referee coordinator email:  fields@lakehillsoccer.com

Small Sided Matches (8v8)

Games will usually start at 8:30am and 9:45am, but occasionally at 11:00am, and are 2 x 30 minute halves. 

Many home games will be scheduled on the Braefoot Turf field however some games will be scheduled on Beckwith #2 grass field or on one of the Braefoot grass fields.   Field size is 1/2 of full field and there will often be a 2 matches being played side-by-side on each half of the field.

Turf Field: Team benches must be on the sides of the field, middle of the park is reserved for assistant referees only. Spectators must remain outside the fences area.

Grass Fields: Team benches must be setup in the center line area of the full field. Spectators must remain on the outside of the full field pitch, on the opposite side of the field to the team benches.

Match Requirements

The Coach or Manager for the Home team is responsible for providing an appropriately sized ball for the match and setting up the field (nets, placement of any cones, corner flags) or moving nets/corner flags post games.

  • U11-U13:  Size 4 ball.
  • 30 minute halves.
  • Goalie must be wearing a different colour top (pinnie or goalie shirt - that is not similar in colour to the opposing teams jersey colour).

Important Information

 Games at Beckwith: First team (first game if the day) is responsible for field setup:

  • setup corner flags and netting (see below for access details)
  • check below to see if a game comes after you.

If another Lakehill Team is playing a game after you, leave field "in place", second team is responsible for removing flags and netting and returning to the storage locker.

The Lakehill field is the one furthest from washrooms (the one closest to the washroom is used by Prospect Lake.)


Games at Braefoot Turf: First team (first game of the day) is responsible for setting up goals and corner flags, last team is responsible for moving goals behind the large full field goals and removing the inner-corner flags. There will often be 11am full-field games this season so please ensure this is done immediately following your game!

Beckwith Park: Storage Locker Access

If your game is scheduled for Beckwith Park, the storage room will be open by 7:45am on Saturdays and close by 5pm. Sundays it will be opened for scheduled games only. If you need the storage room open for an unscheduled game, contact the Director of Operations well in advance. 

It is your responsibility to put up and take down the nets and corner flags before and after your match.

If coaches want to schedule exhibition matches during open blocks in the weekend Small-Sided and Full Field match schedules, they must notify the Field Manager no later than 72 hours prior to the proposed match.