U7/8 Game Information

Saturday Morning Game Times

This schedule has been developed to allow 20 minutes between groups. Please end games on time to allow groups to start moving out before the next group arrives. When games run late, this creates parking issues and adds stress on the neighbourhood, as other groups coming in have no place to park and are forced to park deeper into the residential areas.

Please help us to respect our neighbours!


  • Parents should refrain from yelling instructions at the players during games - especially when they have the ball. Decision making and creativity are an important part of a young player's cognitive development, and shouting instructions such as "Shoot!" and "Go!" hinder this decision making process - and limits their technical repertoire. Please leave the coaching to the coaches.
  • Parents, family and friends are to position themselves around the outside of the game fields. The central channels are for players and coaches only. 


  • Due to the side-to-side and unpredictable movements associated with dribbling, it is a great tool in the developing of physical literacy, and should be encouraged and prioritised as much as possible. While passing is also a great skill in soccer, it is not vital at this young age.
  • Physical literacy is of the utmost importance at these young ages, and activities which require agility, balance and coordination are essential. "Drills" with long lines or standing are strongly discouraged. 
  • Constantly telling the players with the ball what to do during games, or "remote controlling" is strongly discouraged at our club.
  • Practice times: Boys: Thursdays 5:00-6:00pm, Girls: Wednesdays 5:00-6:00pm.


  • 35 minutes of activities and maximum 20 minutes of games. Please do your best to end all activities on time.
  • A maximum of 4v4 on each field - NO goalkeepers. 2v2 and 3v3 games are ideal as it gives the players time and space to dribble and make decisions.
  • Pass-ins(kick-ins) if the ball leaves the area. NO throw-ins.
  • Do not pick up the white cones. They belong to the technical staff and are used for programming throughout the club.


Complete U7/8 Game Schedules can be viewed and downloaded through the registration system. The field map is below.

Lakehill U7/8 Field Map

2018-19 Mini Schedule