Senior Teams

Senior Teams Director:  Peter Bretherton

Players looking for a team should contact the Coach or Manager of the appropriate teams below (click their name to email).

Registering for a Seniors Team

Further details to be announced.  For now, contact the team your are interested in playing for. Acceptance to a team is decided by the coach or managers and your player dues will be collected by your team manager. Fees vary per team based on league commitments.

Women's Teams

Premier - Lakehill EPIC

Div 2 - Lakehill Reds 

Div 3 - Lakehill

O-30 - Lakehill

Men's Teams

Div 1 - Lakehill FC

Div 2 - Lakehill United

  • Ian Broome – Coach Manager 250-858-0999
  • Jeremy Pearson - Coach - 250-889-9480

Div 4 C - Lakehill Hooligans

U21 - Lakehill EPIC

O-35B - Lakehill Monkey Tree Pub

O-55 - Lakehill FC