U13-U18 Youth

Full Field teams compete in the Lower Island Soccer league where game score and standings are recorded by the league. Teams participate in cup play and district championships within their skill and age brackets. Winning teams can go on to compete in BC championships and Canadian championships.

Player development focus is on Training to Train, Training to Win with emphasis on team play, tactical play, refining individual skill proficiency, soccer fitness, and learning to the greater aspects of game play.

Players in the U13-U18 divisions must be registered to participate in assessments and pre-season games/ team formations.

Team Formation

Ideally, Lakehill Soccer will form full competitive teams within its player base.  Unfortunately, not all age groups will have sufficient player numbers within club catchment to form a complete club team -- this problem that all Victoria district clubs face, especially at the older ages.  

As a solution, lower island clubs will work together to help pool district players to form viable teams.   In the past, Lakehill Soccer has helped form teams by pooling its players with Gorge Soccer, Saanich Fusion, and other clubs with the goal to form viable teams for certain youth age groups and skill levels.

These teams may be based at Lakehill soccer or our players are loaned to another club where the pooled team is formed/based.

Team Information


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