2018-19 VIPL Spring Assessments

Submitted by Technical Director on Tue, 06/26/2018 - 13:13

The following lists are for U16-U18(2001-2003) Gorge/Lakehill VIPL teams. The clubs wish to thank all players who attended and took part in the assessments. Players not listed will have the opportunity to assess in August, and an assessment schedule will be released soon. Any questions or concerns can be directed to the Lakehill and/or Gorge technical directors.







Rawdia Bartrim

Mattheus Achadinha


Halle Brum

Marc Brulot-Sawchyn


Maliyah Colombe

Koji Croke


Shauntelle Dick-Charleson

Akash Dhillon


Megan Johnson

Javier Duran


Margo Leggatt

Alexander Emery


Madison Marsh

Sebastian Emery


Kaitlyn McIntyre

Rayce Gammon


Halayna Peskett

Teegan Harding


Indyana Ricci

Shamus McKinnon


Brynne Smith

Colby Parker


Mikayla Strandberg

Jake Robson


Keely Van Stone

Calaen Rourke


Mattea Vanderberg



U17/18 BOYS


-To be confirmed after BC provincials.

-Assessments ongoing: (Gorge/Lakehill/Saanich Fusion/PLSC)