2018 August Assessment Schedule

Submitted by Technical Director on Sun, 07/01/2018 - 10:57

Assessments are for players wishing to play at the competitive level in their age group (U11-U13 Gold and U14-U18 VIPL and Gold), and those wishing to only play recreationally(Silver, Bronze) are not required to attend assessments. The majority of teams from U14-U18 will be pooled with Gorge.

  • If a player is unable to attend any of these assessments, or there are any questions, please contact the Technical Director.
  • Any player already selected to these teams is expected to attend the assessments.
  • Each player must attend their own age group assessment unless given special permission by the Lakehill technical director. 
  • Please view the "Player Assessment Information" page before attending.

*Braefoot Turf sessions are in Red, Hampton Turf sessions are in Black.

August Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday   Saturday Sunday
  6 7 8 9 10   11 12
BC Day
        9:00-10:00AM   Boys U16 VIPL
5:30-6:45PM     Boys U16 VIPL Girls U17 VIPL 10:00-11:00AM   Boys U17/18 VIPL
6:45-8:00PM     Boys U17/18 VIPL   11:00AM-12:00PM   Girls U17 VIPL
          12:00-1:00PM   Girls U18 VIPL
  13 14 15 16 17   18 19
            9:00-10:00AM Girls U14 Gold  Boys U14 Gold
5:30-6:45PM Boys U16 Gold Girls U15 Gold Boys U14 Gold Girls U14 Gold   10:00-11:00AM Girls U15 Gold Boys U15 Gold
6:45-8:00PM Boys U17/18 Gold Girls U17/18 Gold Boys U15 Gold Girls U16 Gold   11:00AM-12:00PM Girls U16 Gold Boys U16 Gold
            12:00-1:00PM Girls U17/18 Gold Boys U17/18 Gold
  20 21 22 23 24   25 26
5:00-6:00PM U11 Girls Gold U11 Boys Gold U12 Girls Gold U12 Boys Gold U12 Girls Gold       
6:00-7:00PM U12 Girls Gold U12 Boys Gold U11 Girls Gold U11 Boys Gold U11 Girls Gold       
7:00-8:00PM U13 Boys Gold   U13 Boys Gold   U13 Boys Gold       
  27 28 29 30        
5:00-6:00PM U11 Girls Gold U11 Boys Gold            
6:00-7:00PM U12 Girls Gold U12 Boys Gold            
7:00-8:00PM U13 Boys Gold