Fall Registration Open!

Submitted by Technical Director on Sun, 06/13/2021 - 15:36

Registration for the 2021-22 Fall/Winter season is open! You can find out more details on the registration page, or if you already have an account and don't need the details then head straight to your PowerUp account.

A few changes for this coming year:

  • We have rationalized the fee structure. If makes more sense, it covers our costs better (we hope!) and it is still one of the most affordable youth sport programs out there.
  • We’ve changed up the U5-U8 programs – we will be offering 10-week programs from U5 to U8: one in the fall (September to November), one in the winter (January to March), and one in the spring (April to June). And we’ll be looking at some indoor space for those winter sessions.
  • Tier 2 soccer (formerly known as VIPL) is changing as well. This is an island wide change, but potential Tier 2 players should know that we do have an option for them. For now, just register and we’ll have all the final details sorted out soon.
  • U11 to U18 will have a new uniform shirt and black shorts. Everyone must purchase the jersey but it can be used for more than one year. And no more unisex shorts! We have purchased ladies cut shorts for the girls/women.