GK Masterclass with Montreal Impact's Evan Bush!

Submitted by Technical Director on Mon, 11/06/2017 - 14:59
Evan Bush


Come join 'Keeper Culture' on Monday, November 13th for an amazing day of training and classroom keeper learning with MLS Montreal Impact No.1 goalkeeper Evan Bush.  We are offering 5 different packages so everyone has a chance to take part. There is limited space so please sign up right away! We will be doing a 3 hour field training session and a classroom keeper education session.

  1. Complete Day (Training/Classroom/Training DriFit Top/Lunch) $115 + TAX
  2. Just Training (Training at Braefoot with optional add on training top) $75 + TAX
  3. Just Classroom (Classroom Session with optional add on lunch and training top) $40 + TAX
  4. Field Pass ( Access to be on the field to be close up to the training field sessions to learn all you can from Evan) $15 + TAX
  5. Field Pass & Classroom ( Access to be on the field for the training session plus the classroom education session - lunch and top add-on optional $55 + TAX

Field Training: 9:00am-12:00pm  @ Braefoot Turf

Classroom: 1:15pm-3:15pm @ Ticket Rocket HQ across from the Royal Theatre

The classroom session will be supplied with lunch by our Friends at Chorizo & Co and drinks provided by Phillips Soda Works. Complete Day Packages have lunch included. Classroom only sign-ups can add the lunch package for $10. Lunch will be a sandwich,cookie and natural soda or water.
ALL PRICES and registration are available at the Keeper Culture website.

Any questions please email at info@keeperculture.com

Victoria  Keeper Culture Day Goalkeeping Camp:

From Evan:
I’m excited to bring a new element of coaching and educating to Victoria. Like most day camps, we will do a three-hour field session to work on many elements of our game. Everything from shot stopping and handling to dealing with crosses and distribution. Every minute of the time on the field will be used effectively in order to sharpen us at our craft of goalkeeping and push us to new limits. We encourage an open mind and a competitive mindset.
Unlike all day camps, we will offer a unique perspective of the goalkeeping position during a “classroom” session. During this segment of the camp we will focus on situational play while looking at specific decisions that goalkeepers must make over the course of each game. The idea behind the classroom session is to make it highly interactive and that of an open forum. We will encourage dialogue from coaches, players, and parents in order to help not only the player, but those around him so there is a clear understanding as to why goalkeepers make the decisions they make. We will also cover the “unseen” aspect of the game, which is the mental preparation and daily body maintenance every athlete must perfect in order to perform at the highest level. As careers progress these are the margins that will separate the good from the great and those that are able to not only make the jump to the next level, but have success at that level.

With the years of experience that both Trevor and Evan possess in the field of goalkeeping this promises to be an extremely insightful and educational opportunity for young goalkeepers and coaches alike. This type of camp is exactly what 'Keeper Culture' is about. Come see what it takes to reach the next level of your career in an open and inviting setting.