Lakehill News - August 2019

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Wow! Is it really mid-August? Assessments are officially underway, adult teams are bugging me for practices times, the clubs are starting their annual ritual of trying to sort out who has enough players to field teams and within days I will get my first “what time will X group of kids be practicing” emails. Yup! Summer is officially coming to an end. Arggghh!!! Guess it is time for another issue of Lakehill News (go get a coffee, this is a long one).

  • Assessments
  • Fall Registration
  • Uniforms
  • If You Really Aren’t Coming Back…
  • August Schedule
  • Code of Conduct/Refund Policy
  • Bring your Friends
  • Labour Day Drop In
  • Free Mini’s Session
  • Last Camp of the Summer
  • Coaches Needed/Coach Training Dates
  • Volunteers
  • Season Start Dates
  • And Finally…


If you have been hiding under a rock, or if you have been on holiday, you might not have noticed that assessments for Tier 3 (Gold) teams started this past weekend (Tier 1 is BCSPL, Tier 2, VIPL, Tier 3 is Gold and Tier 4 is anything below Gold). The assessment schedule is posted on the Lakehill website. If your child hopes to play on a Tier 3 team, they need to attend the appropriate assessment (or contact the Technical Director if they can’t make the scheduled time). And of course if you want to attend assessments, we expect that you are registered.

Get Registered Now to Save Money!

Yes, you need to be registered to attend assessments. But you also want to get registered before late registration fees kick in. There’s just one week left before fees go up. Don’t wait any longer: Visit the Lakehill PowerUp page, login and get registered!


Speaking of registering, I received a timely reminder from the Uniform Manager (who is also our new Registrar!) about uniforms. All players U12 and up should pull out their Lakehill jersey from last season, try it on for size and check for holes. If you need a new one, login in to PowerUp and place an order. If your new to Lakehill you can skip step one and go straight to step two. We just got in a fresh shipment of uniform shirts, but they won’t last long!

Are You Sure You Want to Leave?

This section if for anyone U14 and up who doesn’t think they are going to be playing this coming season. Pulling together full field teams is especially challenging and it is just as important for us to know if you are not coming back. Please – even if your child has chosen not to play soccer this fall, let us know. And we’d love to know why – especially if it is something we can change! So if you aren’t coming back to Lakehill this fall, please take a second to fill out this brief survey. We really want to improve – and we really want your input!

August Practice Schedule

So when can teams head to the field to start practicing? Slow down keeners – it’s still summer! But the August practice schedule will be posted in the next few days. Check the Lakehill website but remember, assessments will take precedent until August 22nd. Teams that want to practice will need to share the turf, though there is a lot more space available during the daytime… (please check the turf rental calendar first though!)

Parent Sportsmanship & Refund Policy

During registration, you ticked a box saying that you have read and agreed with the club’s Parent Sportsmanship and Refund Policies. And yes, just like the terms of service on that new “put-spots-on-the-dog” app you just installed, we know that most of you just scrolled to the bottom and checked yes without reading them! Well there is some important information in there, and we know that given a second chance, you’ll really want to read it. So were sharing the locations of the policy, and the Sportsmanship Policy is posted below…just so no one can say that we didn’t tell you so….

Sportsmanship Policy

I will encourage my child and other team members to have fun. I will behave as a positive role model, respect the goals of the Club, and reinforce the character values of good sportsmanship, teamwork and self-discipline.

Any problems or criticisms will be presented in a positive way to the coaches or assistants. I will refrain from using abusive language, criticizing others, or any other unsportsmanlike behaviour.

By signing this form, I affirm that I have read and understand the behavioural standards for parents as stated above and that I agree to abide by them.

Bring Your Friends

Some of the other clubs already have wait lists, but Lakehill has the advantage of ample field space and a great program…and loads of spots for more players! So if you know someone who wants to try soccer, or can’t get in with their local club, let them know that we can fit them in. Did we mention that we have one of the most affordable soccer programs in the city? Tell your friends about Lakehill Soccer!

Free Labour Day Drop-In

And while we are on the topic of telling your friends, we are pleased to announce that this Labour Day we will be hosting our second annual community Labour Day drop in. This is an everyone welcome event for players ages 4 to 10. There is no cost, and no registration necessary. It s a perfect time to try soccer for the first time, so plan on coming out and bringing a friend who has never crossed the sidelines before. You never know: maybe you will discover the next Messi or Christine Sinclair right in your backyard (or at least living next to it!)

Free Mini’s Session

More free! Technical Team Member Amelia Ng and her ’07 Wave Girls will be hosting a train-by-donation session August 25th, 9:30 to Noon, at Braefoot. All players ages 4 to 9 (from any club) are welcome to attend with a donation of a piece of winter clothing or a blanket. Please register in advance (so they know how many to plan for). All donations will go the Single Parent Resource Centre.

KeeperCulture Camp

It might be the last camp of the summer…and it will certainly be the most fun! Trevor Stiles is running striker and goalkeeping camps at Braefoot the last week of August (26-30). Learn how to hit the perfect free kick, the knuckle shot and how to finish. Or improve your goalkeeping skills by learning to stop these shots! Play soccer tennis, 3 vs 3, soccer golf and take part mini world cup tournament during the 5 days. Trevor promises that no matter what position you play, his camp will be the most fun you have this summer! And as a bonus, all Lakehill members get a 10% discount. Just enter code LH 10 at checkout. For more information and to register, visit or just email Trevor.

So You Think You Can Coach…

Tired of standing on the sidelines watching the play but not being able to influence it? Think you have something to add to the sport? Or maybe you haven’t ever even thought about it but this newsletter has you champing at the bit to start coaching. Whatever the case, we would love to have you coach with us. If you have even an inkling that you’d like to coach, please drop a note to the Technical Director. Absolutely no experience necessary…and we’ll provide you with all the training you’ll need. And on that note, we’ve already scheduled the coach training sessions for the coming season:

  • U5-U8 (2012-2015) - September 9th, 6:00pm
  • U9/10 (2010-2011) - September 8th, 6:00pm
  • U11-U13 (2007-2009) - September 8th, 4:00pm
  • U14+ (2006+) - August 26th, 6:00pm

All coach training sessions will be held on the grass at Braefoot. Dress for play! A reminder that coach training sessions are mandatory for Lakehill coaches. There will be draw prizes at each session, and all coaches on travelling teams who attend a session will receive the coveted Lakehill coaching jacket (if they haven’t already).

Volunteers Needed

Just because you don’t want to coach, it doesn’t mean that we don’t need your help, particularly with season start just around the corner. We need a few good men (or women!) to help with moving the goals into place, distributing equipment, and a few other easy tasks that help to get the season off to a seamless start. We are also looking for a trainee equipment manager and trainee mini’s coordinator to learn the ropes from Colleen and Diane, who have told us that this will be their last season in their respective jobs. If any of this interests you – and why wouldn’t it: great pay, fabulous perks! – please contact our fabulous new Director of Volunteers Allison Kernan. Fun joke: I haven’t set Allison up with her new email address yet, so here’s your chance to have a laugh by flooding her inbox with your requests to volunteer before she can even get into it!

Season Start Dates

Just because I teased it in the intro, I thought I should save it till close to the end (that’s right, you are almost done reading!) The following are the start dates for games this September (remember, coaches may organize practices earlier, but please wait to hear from them before showing up at the field).

  • U5-U8 (2012-2015) - September 14th
  • U9/10 (2010-2011) - September 14th
  • U11-U13 (2007-2009) - September 14th
  • U14+ (2006+) - September 7/8th

And Finally…

Hey did you know how active Lakehill Soccer is on social media? We have a Facebook page, a Twitter feed and whatever the heck you call Instagram. If you followed us on them you’d be happier, because you’d get to see great heartwarming articles & videos like this one we liked and retweeted a few weeks ago. You can find all our social media links on both the Lakehill website and at the top of the home page in the Power Up Member Zone. Give us a follow, or like or thumbs up.

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