Lakehill News – February 2019

Submitted by President on Thu, 02/14/2019 - 09:26

In this edition:

  • Field Status?
  • Coach/Player Appreciation Night
  • Spring Soccer Registration Open
  • EPIC Academy
  • Mini’s Jamboree
  • Registrar Retirement
  • U13 Full Field Festival
  • Photo’s Follow-up
  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T
  • Dogs
  • And Lastly


Not a lot of soccer on the field, so that means you must have time for a Lakehill newsletter! It’s a bit of a long one, so once you have read it, you can also print it off and burn it to help to keep warm.


Weather to Open the Fields…

Everyone wants to know about this weekend…me too! But with turf under a blanket of snow, it’s going to take some serious melting before any games can be played this weekend. It is probably safe to say that the grass will be closed: even if the snow melts or is washed away by rain, there is almost no chance that the grass will be fit for play. And the turf? Well the forecast over the next few days calls for mixed precipitation leading to rain, but the temperatures will also stay unseasonably low. And that means? In short, we just don’t know. Pretty safe to say that nothing will be open BEFORE Saturday, but we will continue to monitor and update the website daily. When will we know about the weekend? Maybe Saturday…?


Coach/Player Appreciation Night

It’s not just the on-field stuff that’s been postponed. Appreciation night has had to be called off twice now. We’ll try again for the coming week…assuming that Mother Nature cooperates that is.


Really, It’s Almost Spring

It must be, because registration for spring soccer is already open! Even though it is white outside, we know that soon we will be enjoying the smell of fresh cut grass while wearing t-shirts and shorts to the field. We’re offering a once-a-week recreational program on Tuesday evenings for players U6 to U14 and our Blaster Buddies Parent & Tot program on Saturday mornings for 3 to 5 year olds. Programming starts the second week of April. See the Spring Soccer page for more information, and to register.


EPIC Academy Early Bird – Extended!

Speaking of spring programming, EPIC has had such tremendous uptake on the early bird discount for their Spring Academy that they have decided to extend it until March 1st. The early bird discount is “stackable” with the discount they already give to all Lakehill families! Register before March 1st and you will get 20% off EPIC spring fees AND:

We highly encourage all Lakehill players who are interested in bettering their game to give EPIC a try. Their programming and terminology are a perfect match with Lakehill technical programming and we highly endorse their academy. Remember, this deal expires on March 1st, 2019, so don’t waste any time – get registered now!


Graham Branton Mini’s Jamboree

It’s hard to believe it right now, but on March 2nd the fields will be covered in kids instead of white stuff! The annual Mini’s Jamboree is a grand club tradition and the unofficial end of the mini’s soccer season. All U5-U10 players will get to take part: there will be food and goodies, a bouncy castle, and fun for everyone! What we really need now though is a coordinator! It’s a pretty easy task, with most of the planning already done. But we’d love to develop some bench strength in this area, so if you’re a mini’s parent who likes to organize and get stuff done, we’d love to get you involved. Please contact the mini’s coordinator to find out more.


Registrar Required

Speaking of developing some bench strength…our current registrar David Andersen has advised us that he will be stepping back when his term expires in May. David has done a fabulous job for the club, and I know everyone will offer him thanks for a job well done. One of his major accomplishments has been moving us to a new, more robust registration system – one that actually includes training modules! Now we are looking for an individual to step up and help fill the shoes that David is vacating. If you have an interest in the position of Lakehill Registrar, please let me know. I’d be happy to buy you a coffee and have a conversation….


U13 Full Field Transition Festival

The last stop for small-sided players before moving to 11-aside play is the full-field transition festival. Lakehill will be hosting the festival at Braefoot this year, on the weekend of March 9/10. All participating teams will play 2 or 3 full-field exhibition games. The club will be looking for teams of volunteers to help with basic tasks like field set-up and takedown, garbage and parking. If you can spare an hour or two that weekend to help with the festival, we’d really appreciate it. We’re collecting names.


Photos Follow-up

We are expecting the photos to be available in the next week or so. Once they are, we will contact team managers to arrange distribution to each team.


Respect In Sports

When play does resume, teams U14 and up will be right back in the thick of Cup play. Competing for Cup is exciting, as teams develop a sense of urgency to their play, and the outcome of the games seemingly takes on added importance. Unfortunately, the additional emphasis on getting a “result” often results in inappropriate and unacceptable words and behaviours on and off the field of play. In response to such behaviours, the Presidents of all Lower Island Soccer Clubs have come together to release a joint statement on Respect in Sports. I encourage everyone at Lakehill Soccer to take the time to read it, and embrace it.


Dogs In The Park

In the past few weeks we have received more than one complaint about dogs in the park during soccer games. In one recent incident, an off leash dog ran back and forth through two mini’s games; other dogs (on leash) have lunged and barked at players. And while many of us love our four-legged companions, there are many children that do not. To steal a line from the great Robin Williams “When you are a little kid, Mickey Mouse is just a giant $&#%& rat!” and Pluto could just as easily be Cujo. Dogs also have an annoying habit of leaving “presents” on the fields, sometimes while kids are playing on it. More than one coach has had to deal with emergency clean up this season. Please – do us all a favour and keep Rover at home during soccer times. Your attention to this is appreciated.


And Lastly…

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with some of the executives from the new Canadian Professional League team, Pacific FC. They are excited about being part of the Victoria soccer community and about supporting Lakehill, and vice-versa. I am looking forward to announcing some exciting opportunities for Lakehill members with regards to Pacific FC in the coming weeks. Incentive for everyone to read to the end of these newsletters!

OK, that’s it. Everyone start doing a rain dance. Or maybe just turn on some music and dance along to “I’ll Melt With You”….


Jeremy Mannall-Fretwell, President
Lakehill Soccer Association