Notice from the Board of Directors re: Annual General Meeting

Submitted by President on Mon, 10/14/2019 - 13:14

On Sunday October 6th, the Club held a meeting of the members which was intended to be the Annual General Meeting. The business of the meeting was conducted as such. Subsequent to the meeting, the Board of Directors received numerous (45) letters complaining about a lack of notice for the meeting, in contravention of the BC Societies Act. The Board reviewed these complaints, and agreed that they needed to seek legal counsel to determine the validity of the complaints, and next steps.

The legal opinion has now been received and it is attached below for your review. The summary of the opinion is that the notice requirements of the Society Act were not met, and therefore no Annual General Meeting was held. The Board would like to apologize to those members who were disenfranchised by this lack of notice, as well as those members who attended the meeting in good faith on the assumption that it was valid. A date for an Annual General Meeting has tentatively been set for Sunday, November 17th, although this will be confirmed in the following days, and appropriate notice will be given.

Legal Opinion - LSA Meeting October 6, 2019