Please - No Fans

Submitted by President on Fri, 10/16/2020 - 11:28

While we all like to watch a game or two on the weekend - particularly if it's our child playing (no matter what their age) - this fall you have an excuse to seek cover in your car or in your home while soccer is on the filed. That's because we don't have the room for you in our parks and around our fields. If we are going to keep soccer going - and that's what we all want - we need your help to keep everyone safe. And in this case, your help is easy: just stay away! Our permits allow us to have 50 people per field. Once you count players, officials and coaches, we are usually right up against that limit. No matter how open it looks, we need everyone to respect our rules this year and stay away. 

So please, if you are bringing children to the field, adopt the old firefighters adage: stop, drop and roll. We'll all be safer for it. THANKS! 

And now a message from your local municipality:

For Saanich at present the gathering limit of 50 is all in per the Public Health Officer order – In the context of the health order this would include “event” and “patrons” making up the total. This is what is in each club’s COVID-19 safety plans and return to sport plans and they must follow their plans as a condition of permits. Saanich will continue to review as new information becomes available. If there is an opportunity in future to loosen restrictions or make changes in protocols Parks will ask the clubs to submit updated COVID-19 safety plans and then amend their permits.

We are asking people to support all our partner clubs in following their current plans. Sports are different right now in these unusual times. Supporting the clubs' plans is what will keep kids, teens and adults playing and staying active on the fields until there are further changes. Thank you for your patience. Please be confident that Saanich Parks is working closely with soccer clubs, and other sports, during COVID-19 to help with a smooth and safe season.

Saanich Parks

And just in case none of the above resonated, maybe you'll listen to Dr. Bonnie!

Dr. Bonnie Henry addressed a lot of this in her October 13, 2020 update. She talks about sports and spectators, and specifically mentions soccer! This really puts into perspective of where we are in this pandemic and risk of exposures still being high. Please watch