Weather Related Closures

Submitted by President on Wed, 10/18/2017 - 15:34

As the wind and rain become more constant, please check the Lakehill website for regular updates about field closures (and a handy weather forecast).

When grass fields are closed, grass field teams should move their practices to the turf.

Please check with the existing turf users for a spot to use (don't take too much space).

Small-sided activities are the word of the day!

Reserved space for grass field users

After all the cancellations last year, we’ll be doing our best to keep the fields open as much as possible this year, and if it looks like things are going in the same direction, we’ll try to come up with ways to make up some of that all-important soccer time.

In the meantime, bundle up, layer your players, and don’t forget to dry out that gear between practices. Kids won’t melt, but they might get trench foot…! And provided the weather cooperates…