Winter Programming Open for Registration

Submitted by President on Fri, 01/15/2021 - 11:24

Registration for winter programming is now open! *Some age groups are already full and are being wait-listed.* Below you will find the details of what we are offering for programming for the rest of the winter (and a few days of spring). Please read carefully as we’ve tried to answer your questions up front – or at least the big ones. Please keep in mind that we are working within the guidelines we have been handed and are trying to provide the best soccer experience we can with those limits.

The Winter Program

U9-U18 – This will be a 10 week, 50 minutes twice a week socially distant training program (Jan 25th to April 3rd). Sessions will run weeknights and weekends in largely the same time slots and days as this past fall. Players will train in designated, separate areas on the turf field, led by a member of the Lakehill technical staff. There will be a strong emphasis on players developing their technical ability. Cost is $200

U4-U8 – A 45-minute weekly parent-child session, running for 10 weeks on Sunday mornings (January 24th to March 28th). Blaster Buddies teaches basic soccer skills and physical literacy…and the kids learn something too! No prior soccer knowledge is required by either parent or child - just a willingness to participate and have fun. Sessions will be led by Lakehill technical staff and require a parent or older sibling (14+) to participate. Cost is $125 per child and “buddy”. (We are anticipating high demand for this program and will waitlist and add additional sessions as required). ON HOLD UNTIL PHO ORDER CHANGES

Q & A

Why is there no adult programming?
We are currently not allowed to offer any programming for players 22 years of age and older.

Will there be games? What will happen when we are allowed to play games again? 
There will be no games unless there is a change in the PHO Order, in which event we will transition as quickly as possible to the new standards. All registered players will automatically be included in that transition if they so desire. In the event that we cannot transition to an interlocking schedule with other clubs, we will endeavor to work within our own club to offer the most fulfilling soccer experience that we can.

What exactly are the restrictions?
The revised PHO order allows for physically distanced training where players maintain a minimum of 3 metres distance between themselves and other players. There is a limit of 50 coaches/participants on the field at once time. Players will be discouraged from handling the ball with their hands. No spectators are allowed. We highly encourage everyone to review our updated COVID-19 Return to Play Plan. You can also review the latest BCSA Notice and other RTP information.

Why are U4-8 only included as part of Blaster Buddies?
Our experience tells us that players younger than 8 years of age will have tremendous difficulty with both the skills and self-control required for solo physically distant training. Blaster Buddies offers an opportunity for a “chaperoned” training environment that also allows a co-participant who is within the player’s bubble to interact closer than 3 metres.

Can older players join Blaster Buddies?
We welcome all ages to Blaster Buddies. However, players over the age of 9 will likely find that Blaster Buddies lacks the level of challenge they require to enjoy taking part.

What is the schedule for U9-U18? What is the Saturday schedule?
As much as possible we will stick to the same day and time slots that your child practiced in over the fall. This may vary a little depending on demand and staff resources. Saturday’s are still a work-in-progress as we haven’t done this before (and need to see how many we have registered before we schedule it). We hope to be able to announce a full schedule within the next week.

Why does the program cost as much as it does? Didn’t we already pay for this?
Our winter program is modelled after our fall program which was designed to run 10 weeks for the same cost. In addition, the cost of providing physically distant soccer is significantly higher due to the requirement for additional paid technical staff, and the restrictions on the number of participants means that there are fewer economies of scale. In short, we have to pay out more and we receive less.

Won’t we get to play games after February 5th? Should we just wait until then to register? While the current PHO Order expires on February 5th, we do not know if the level of restrictions will be maintained, modified or relaxed. Even if they are relaxed, it will take some time to get any changes organized. Players who are already registered will continue to train and will have the first opportunity to transition to any revised model. Registration will be on a first-come; first served basis as soon as registration is open.

What is the Refund Policy? Can my child try it for a week or so to see if they like it?
Unfortunately, due to the anticipated high demand for a limited number of spaces, we will not be offering refunds except in the case of serous illness or injury. Any such request for refund will require a doctor’s note before it is considered. In the event that more than 50% of the program dates are cancelled as a result of the pandemic, family’s Lakehill accounts will be credited for the unused percentage of the program fees remaining, to put towards future programming.

Will parent coaches be involved/required?
Due to the limit on the number of participants on the field, and the requirement for a specific skill set and understanding of the technical plan, the majority of coaches will be club technical staff. Coaches who are particularly interested in leading physically distant sessions may be considered on a case by case basis and should contact the Technical Director to discuss.

What player skill levels will the U9-U18 program cater to?
It is our hope that the programing will accommodate all player skill levels. Players will be grouped primarily with their teammates from the fall sessions.

Does my child require a uniform?
In the event that we are able to return to game play, players will need to wear their Lakehill kit. No uniform will be required for the physically distant training sessions.

OK, if you’ve read it all and you are still committed, GO REGISTER!