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Lakehill News - Mother's Day Edition - 2019

Submitted by watchdog on Sun, 05/12/2019 - 21:28

Happy Mother’s Day to all the soccer mom’s out there! I’m 100% sure that all of them will want to put their feet up and spend a small part of today reading the Lakehill News!

  • Fall Registration Open
  • Braefoot Family Fun Night
  • Braefoot Washroom Use
  • Turf Field Rentals/Usage
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Lakehill AGM
  • And Finally…

Fall Registration Now Open!

Just what everyone has been waiting for! Registration for the fall/winter program opened earlier this week. We are pleased to be able to say that despite fee increases from our parent bodies we have frozen registration rates for the coming year. And to take full advantage of our largesse, you are going to want to register before June 30th to receive our early bird registration rates! You’ll save $30 per registration if you register early. Parents of players U9 and up are also reminded that late registration fees kick-in after August 21st. The lesson is – REGISTER EARLY AND SAVE MONEY! And as an added incentive, we will also have some cool draw prizes over the next few months – registration will give you a chance to win! Visit the Lakehill PowerUp page, login and start registering.

Know someone who wants to try soccer for the first time? Tell them to come try it at Lakehill! We are always looking for new players to try soccer at every age. And we have a flexible refund policy, so if they don’t like it, there’s really no risk. But we’re sure they will love it! Tell your friends – Lakehill is the best!

Braefoot Family Fun Night

This Tuesday is the annual Braefoot Family Fun night (5:30 to 7:30 PM). The park behind the Braefoot building will have booths, displays, games and food. Come see us at the Lakehill booth to say hi! And of course, when there is an event in the park, parking will be at a premium. If you are coming to Braefoot on Tuesday night, think about finding some alternate transportation. And make sure you bring a few dollars for a burger from the Lion’s club – they make great burgers!

Braefoot Washrooms

Speaking of Braefoot, at this time of year the park is as busy as it ever is. This includes programming upstairs in the Braefoot building. Please – if you need to use the washrooms, use the ones on the outside of the building. The ones upstairs are reserved for the upstairs tenants, not to mention your presence disturbs the classes taking place. Your attention to this is greatly appreciated!

Turf Field Usage/Rentals

It’s that time of year where everyone wants to be outside…and lots of people want to be on the turf field. That’s great, because it is a community asset, managed by Lakehill Soccer. We LOVE to see our members out on the field enjoying themselves. A few reminders:

  • The field cannot be used by for-profit groups without prior authorization of the club (not even individual training sessions);
  • Field use is restricted to approved activities (no golf, lacrosse, field hockey, lawn darts, …when in doubt, ask! Soccer is the obvious, easy answer);
  • Please, please, please clean up after yourselves! We don’t have any volunteers working during the summer (and even if we did, this is just good manners);
  • No food or drink (other than water) on the turf. NO PICNICS (seriously).

If you know someone or a group that wishes to book the turf for their event, the club offers reasonable rates for rentals. Please get them to contact us for further information and availability. All rental revenue goes back into a fund to help with future field maintenance, repairs and replacement.

Volunteer Opportunities

The club always has loads of extra tasks that need doing. If your teenager needs to fulfill some community service hours, WE CAN HELP! Send them to us and we’ll put them to work making our club, our field and our park a better place. They’ll get the hours they need, all while getting a good feeling about helping our club. Or at the very least, you’ll get the house to yourself for a few hours! Please contact Bruce Stafford, Director of Operations for more information.

Lakehill AGM?

Normally at this time of year we would be announcing the Annual General Meeting of the Lakehill Soccer Association. However, due to changes to the Societies Act, we now have more flexibility in scheduling this meeting, so we are taking advantage of this to move it to time of year when more people are around and engaged in our sport (we hope!) The official date will be announced in the coming months, but right now our expectation is that the AGM will be held in late September. In the meantime, if you are interested in being involved in a director’s role with the club, drop us a note.

And Finally…

In my last newsletter I referenced a rant about BC Soccer that was bubbling inside me (thankfully I spared you all). I am pleased to be able to say that this week, I had the opportunity to discuss my issues with Kjeld Brødsgaard, President of BC Soccer. As with most things that prompt rants, the issues are actually quite complex, and the solutions even more so. Kjeld was kind enough to listen to me, and to explain the BC Soccer thinking and positions. Perhaps not surprisingly, once we got into the issues, it became clear that we had far much more in common than not, a mutual understanding of the challenges we collectively face, and a desire to work together towards solutions. So rather than piling on with a rant, I am getting onboard with working on solutions (with BCSA). The moral of this story: you can be part of the solution or part of the problem. When you see the latter, seek to become part of the former - something I am going to take to heart.

U17(2003) Boys VIPL Assessment

Submitted by Technical Director on Thu, 04/18/2019 - 16:26

The Lakehill/Gorge VIPL team will be holding an assessment for boys born in 2003. Interested players who are unable to attend or have any questions can contact the Lakehill Technical Director. The assessment time and location is:

  • Monday, April 29th 6:00-7:30pm at Braefoot turf.

U11 Gold Assessment Update

Submitted by Technical Director on Wed, 04/10/2019 - 14:36

Lakehill is confident of fielding competitive U11 Gold teams for both the boys and girls groups next season, but any final selections will not be made until after the assessments in August - which are tentatively set to be in the week of the 18th-24th, and the exact dates should be confirmed by the beginning of July. The fact that the season does not start for another five months(a significant period of time when you're barely 11 years old) is especially relevant in this decision, and we hope that as many of our players as possible are playing as much soccer as they can between now and August. Any questions can be directed to the Technical Director.


The technical staff would like to thank all the girls who attended the Lakehill U11 Gold assessments last week. The total amount of players that attended the assessments has been deemed too small to adequately confirm a decision on selections for next season.


The technical staff would like to thank the impressively high turnout of boys who attended the Lakehill U11 Gold assessments last week. Due to the significant number of players who attended, and the similarity in overall levels among many of the group, the technical staff has decided that any final selections will not be made until after the assessments in August.

Free U11-U14 Girls Soccer!

Submitted by Technical Director on Mon, 04/01/2019 - 15:20

Lakehill wants to keep as many girls active and in the sport as possible, so we have come up with a spring soccer initiative targeted at them. Our recreational spring soccer program is now FREE for all girls in the U11-U14(2005-2008) age group! And… they are free to bring friends as well. We want to keep more girls in the sport, and we want to get more into it too! If your daughter even has a passing interest in playing soccer right now, sign her (and her friends) up! The program runs Tuesday nights 7:00-8:00pm at Braefoot turf, from April 16th to June 11th.

We do need them to register – using the promo code “girlsfree” – and we are suggesting a $20 Kidsport donation (if you don’t want to pay the $20, just select office payment). We have a limited number of spots, so the suggested donation implies a commitment to the program.

If you have any questions, please contact Technical Director Joshua Hart.

Lakehill News - Spring Break Edition 2019

Submitted by watchdog on Tue, 03/26/2019 - 17:23

Mini's Jamboree, Awards Night, Spring Soccer

For all but a precious few, the fall/winter season is over. Congrats to the Lakehill/Gorge U16 Boys VIPL team who have qualified for the Provincial A Cup finals in July and the Lakehill/Gorge U14 Boys Gold team who qualified for the Provincial B Cup finals in Prince George. Congrats also to the U16 Girls Gold and U17/18 Girls Silver who are in their respective District Cup finals in Sooke! And of course, congrats to every player and coach at Lakehill for another great soccer season. That doesn’t mean there isn’t anything going on around Braefoot and around the club though…read on!

  • Graham Branton Mini’s Jamboree
  • Lakehill Awards Night
  • Spring Soccer/EPIC
  • World Cups Festival
  • Tier 3 (Gold) Assessments
  • Pacific FC-Lakehill Night
  • BC & Lower Island Soccer Scholarships
  • Coach Training for Students
  • Soccerworld End of Season Sale
  • And Finally…

Graham Branton Mini’s Jamboree

On Saturday March 30th, the mini’s season will conclude with the Annual Graham Branton Mini’s Jamboree. Graham Branton was a longtime Lakehill member, coach and referee who tragically passed away while refereeing a game at Braefoot in 1995. Graham was known for his fairness, judgement and hard work, qualities that we can agree that we would like to see in our children. The Mini’s Jamboree is held annually in his memory, and for those of us who knew Graham, the sounds of joy and laughter that echo through the park every time this event is held are a wonderful and fitting remembrance of him. And in an example of how life really does travel in a circle, this year we are honoured to welcome Graham’s granddaughter Ivy, who is in U5/U6 and will be taking part in the jamboree, cheered on by his daughter Nicole and his widow Gail.

There will be a bouncy castle (10 AM to 1 PM), a soccer shootout (or two!), face painting, a 50:50 draw, pizza and goody bags for the kids, and loads of soccer fun for everyone. The forecast is for sun so plan on coming out and enjoying a fun day at Braefoot to celebrate a great year of soccer!

Awards Night

The Annual Lakehill Awards Night will be held on Sunday, April 14th. Doors open at 6:30, and the ceremony starts at 7:00. All U11 and above teams are invited to attend, as someone from each team will be receiving an award! The Awards ceremony will be held in the gym at St Margaret’s School, 1080 Lucas Ave. In addition to the Team Player award given to one player from every team, there will also be longtime club awards like Player of the Year, Coach of the Year, Most Inspirational Player and Team of the Year. And of course, everyone who attends will get a reward at the end of the ceremony! Please come out and help us celebrate another great year for Lakehill Soccer.

Spring Soccer/USS/EPIC

It doesn’t have to be over. Really, now that spring is back, shouldn’t we be pushing the kids out the door to the field? It’s more fun to play soccer on warm springtime evenings! So… we have a recreational soccer program for everyone age to 3 to 13. Starting April 16th and running for 9 weeks, this is a great chance to get out and enjoy the sun and have a great time just kicking the ball around. Details and registration are on the Lakehill website. And for those teenagers 14 and up just looking for some casual play, we are happy to recommend USS Spring Soccer at Hampton Park. Recreational soccer for everyone!

For those looking for something a little more our friends at EPIC are running their annual spring academy out of Braefoot. As always, we have negotiated a special 20% discount for Lakehill members:

  • U8-12 – please email,
  • U13-U18 – please email,
  • Once per week Program – please email

Lakehill and EPIC programming are based on the same methodology and philosophy so we highly recommend the EPIC Academy. It runs until mid-June and includes academy training sessions as well as opportunities to play games against other academy teams from around the Island. You can read more details on the EPIC website.

World Cups Youth Soccer Festival

It’s a Victoria Easter tradition! The World Cups Festival takes place on April 19th and 20th. This fun event brings together kids of all ages (born 2001 to 2014) from all around the Greater Victoria area for a celebration of soccer. Proceeds from the event help support sports-related charities and soccer teams travelling outside of BC. For more information, and to register, visit the World Cups website.

Tier 3 (Gold) Team Assessments

Speaking of fall (really? It’s barely spring!) we’ve been receiving a few questions about assessments for Gold teams. Mark your calendar now… for mid-August - except for those going into U11(2009 born). And keep an eye on the Lakehill website as we will post official assessment dates closer to the date.

Pacific FC Lakehill Night

There’s a new professional soccer league and they are all ours! The Canadian Premier League starts play this year, and Victoria has it’s very own franchise: Pacific FC. They play their first home game at Westhills Stadium on April 28th, and we would love to help them start their season with a bang. They are partnering with us to make April 28th “Lakehill Night” at Westhills. Team managers will be getting the details about discount tickets sent to them in the next few days – be on the lookout for the email from them. Let’s paint Westhills red and white for the teal and purple!

BC Soccer/Lower Island Soccer Association Scholarships

It’s the time of year where our graduating players start applying for post-secondary education, and of course, that education costs money! BC Soccer has 18 scholarships that have been generously sponsored by various organizations and member associations. The scholarship amounts vary from $1000-$1500. The scholarship application is not specific to any one scholarship, and applicants may be considered for any of the 18 scholarships. The application can be found on the BC Soccer website – no time to wait as applications are due by March 31st!

The Lower Island Soccer Association (LISA) provides four $1000 scholarships annually to selected players who meet the eligibility criteria. A Lakehill player has won one of these scholarships in two of the last three years. The deadline for applications is April 30th. See the form on the Lower Island website for eligibility requirements and further details.

Coach Training for Teens

U14 to U18 players – we need you! Have you ever wanted to try coaching? Or maybe just wondered what it would be like? We would like to give you an opportunity to find out. On Monday April 1st (no joke!), from 5:30-7:00pm we are putting on a special Coach Training session just for teens. Our sport needs more young coaches and there is no better time than now for us to start developing them. There is absolutely no obligation to become a coach after this session, however, anybody that attends and wants to take the next step will be given an opportunity to work with some of Lakehill's younger players next season, or possibly even with an upcoming spring program…for pay!

You'll also be sure to learn something that will help your own play, and for those that need to fulfill volunteer or community service hours, this is a great way to get them while participating in soccer. Pizza and refreshments will be provided for all attendees.

Please RSVP to Technical Director Joshua Hart to indicate your interest in attending (so we make sure we have the right amount of pizza!) Participants do not need to be registered players with Lakehill Soccer, so feel free to bring a friend (make sure to RSVP for them as well). We hope that you will give serious consideration to attending this training session. Please wear clothing and footwear suitable for soccer, as the training will include an interactive session as well.

Soccerworld End of Season Sale

We don’t do a lot of advertising to our members, but this one is a special case. Soccerworld has been great to the club over the years, ensuring that we have the equipment we need on a timely basis, turning around uniforms on tight timelines, and always stepping up and donating to the club’s causes. They are holding their end of season sale next month, and there will be great deals to be had! Plus it gives me another chance to try my image insertion skills…so if this email is wider than your computer screen, you know I am still working on it!


And Finally…

I struggled to find something to fill this space. I could have gone on a rant about BC Soccer and their weak response to some heinous allegations that surfaced last month. Or about how they are increasing per player fees next season, despite having a more-than-healthy $3.8 million dollars in reserve and an annual surplus last year of over a quarter of a million dollars. But it is spring break, and that’s all so HEAVY when spring is here (finally) and everyone is a more buoyant mood. So I did what every good President does when faced with a problem – I turned to the TD for advice. And in true fashion, he presented a solution – enjoy!