News and Announcements

Fields Update

Submitted by President on Wed, 02/13/2019 - 14:08

The white stuff is starting to melt, but it will be a while before it is gone unless we get some significant rain (who would have thought we would be wishing for rain!) All of the grass fields have snowmen playing soccer on them, and it is a safe bet that they will not be open for Saturday (even if the snow goes, they will be too mushy). The turf may be open for the weekend, but right now there is still a minimum of 6" of wet snow, which has been packed down in places (thus making for a slower melt). We will update the status daily, but if you can still see white on your lawn, it's a pretty safe bet that the turf will still be closed.

Snow Day!

Submitted by President on Sat, 02/09/2019 - 09:39

All Lakehill Soccer fields are closed until further notice. The turf will be assessed daily and may open when clear of snow and ice. The grass will be closed until there is a sustained period (two or three days) of above zero temperatures. Please monitor the field status box on the Lakehill website for updates. 

field closed

Photo Schedule

Submitted by President on Sat, 01/19/2019 - 19:28

Photos are scheduled for Sunday January 20th, upstairs in the Braefoot building. Please see the Photo Schedule and confirm with your team manager.

Lakehill News – January 2019

Submitted by President on Sun, 01/06/2019 - 09:33

In this edition:

  • Happy New Year- Grass Still Closed!
  • Photo Day – Sunday, January 20
  • Small-sided Referee Clinic
  • No Hanging/Goal Safety
  • Help Us Keep the Field Clean
  • Winter Water Magic
  • EPIC Academy Programs
  • Saanich Lacrosse Registration is Open
  • Last Word

Happy New Year to everyone at Lakehill Soccer! I hope you have all had a wonderful holiday “break” and are now ready and raring to go for the second “half” of the soccer season and upcoming cup play (for those who haven’t started cup play already). All teams U13 and up will need to pay close attention to schedules in the coming weeks as there are bound to be a lot of adjustments due to rescheduling related to cup games and weather-related cancellations. Please pay extra attention to emails from Lower Island Soccer (LISA).

Grass fields remain closed until next Saturday (please stay off!), so teams electing to practice this week will need to share the turf field (the practice schedule remains the same, the wet weather protocol is in effect). Please be patient and cooperative as we have to squeeze the entire club onto one field this week. Please contact your coach to confirm that your team is practicing. Stay tuned to the Lakehill website too, because if the wet weather keeps up, there are sure to be additional field closures in the coming weeks.


Photo Day – January 20, 2018

Brush off your boots and straighten your uniform because photo day is two weeks away! All teams and players will be scheduled for a team and individual photo (indoors and upstairs in the Braefoot Community Centre). A photo schedule is being developed and will be posted to the Lakehill website shortly.


Small-sided Referee Clinic

Do you have a child who is interested in learning to referee/wants to earn some pocket money? Lakehill Soccer runs arguably the best referee development program in BC thanks to our fabulous referee supervisor Al Moir! We have scheduled a small-sided referee clinic at Braefoot for next Sunday. This 6 hour session (9:30-3:30) is an introduction to refereeing and participants who complete the training session will be eligible to referee small-sided (U13 and down) games. If your child (or you!) is 12 years or older, they can register for the clinic at the Ref Centre. The cost of the course is $45…they’ll make that back inside of a month! Spaces are limited (and it is open to players from other clubs) so don’t delay.


No Hanging/Playing on Posts

It’s time for my semi-annual reminder – hanging off the posts is DANGEROUS!

Most of our posts have been labelled with the warning stickers, but that doesn’t seem to register with everyone. Please help us keep everyone at our park safe, by keeping your children from climbing on the posts or nets, asking anyone you see climbing on the posts to get down, and reporting anyone you see causing mischief with the posts. Do not let kids climb or hang on them (posts or nets), even if you are “watching or spotting” – they aren’t playground equipment (and playing “Spiderman” on the nets is not only dangerous, but it wrecks them). The goal frames are not designed to hold the additional weight – they can break or tip and people have been killed by goal frames landing on them. Help us keep you and your children safe by keeping them off the posts and nets.


Help Us Keep Our Field Clean

Over the holidays, the field was vacuumed – yes vacuumed – to remove leaves, tape, gum, and other miscellaneous detritus. Please help us: the field is obviously inorganic, so everything that gets dropped on it, stays on it. Do not let your children chew gum or eat on the field – gum is our biggest enemy as it is particularly difficult to get out of the surface once it is stuck in. But everything else that gets on the turf needs to be cleaned off too: balls of tape, orange peels, Kleenex, hair elastics, elastic bands, bottle caps, cigarette butts (EW!), sunflower seed shells – they have all been recently removed from the field. Please help us to keep our turf in good condition by restricting what your child/players take onto the turf, and by encouraging them to remove any trash after they are done (especially the cigarette butts…). We have no cleaning crew, so every little bit helps – THANKS!


Winter Water Magic

Our pre-Christmas cold spell wreaked havoc on the water fountain at Braefoot! It is out of commission until further notice. Players will have to bring their own water to the park – no more storing their empty bottles in the lost in found. On that note, if you need a water bottle, we have plenty “stored” there to go around…help yourself!


Academy Programs

Our partners EPIC are starting up again this week (it started tonight!) and it is not too late to sign up for the rest of the fall/winter session (fees will be por-rated). We are actively encouraging Lakehill players of all ages to sign up. Lakehill shares the same development philosophy and terminology as EPIC, and EPIC offers a 20% discount to all Lakehill players. Contact Cory Volk for the discount on pro-rated fees.

If you have motivated players who just can’t enough soccer or are looking for a way for your child to improve their soccer skills, we highly endorse the programming that EPIC offers. More information on EPIC can be found on the EPIC website.

EPIC Spring registration will open later this month (January 25th) – there will be an early bird discount as well as the usual discount for Lakehill members! Discount codes are:

Standard Program (2 nights/week) - $85 discount: (please email for the code)

Once-per-week/Goalkeepers - $55 discount: (please email for the code)


Saanich Lacrosse is Open for Business!

Our park partners, Saanich Minor Lacrosse Association, have opened their spring registration. Playing different sports is a great way for children to “cross train”, to develop physical literacy and to find out what it is they really love to do (not everyone can eat, drink and sleep soccer after all!) If your son or daughter has an interest in trying lacrosse, there is no better place to learn the game – they won’t even have to leave Braefoot!


The Last Word…

The idea of playing more than one sport is an important one. This is the time of year that we regularly wrestle with commitment issues…kids have other demands, the weather isn’t always ideal (!) and sometimes, they just lose the passion for the game. And while we all want our children to stick with their commitments and see them out, there is a fine line between pushing them out there, and putting them off. We also don’t want to discourage them from playing other sports. Top athletes and experts agree – specializing too early is not the ideal for player development or for fostering a love of sports. If your son or daughter is having “commitment issues”, feel free to discuss it with your coach or the club technical director. We obviously don’t want them to let their team down…but we don’t want to lose them from the sport altogether either! Sometimes the soft sell is the better approach….

Ok, that’s it. Welcome to 2019 and welcome back to soccer!

Grass Fields All Closed

Submitted by President on Sat, 12/15/2018 - 11:35

With a weather forecast of more rain and high winds, and our fields already in a sodden and delicate state, the club has decided that the grass fields will remain closed this weekend (Dec 15/16). As this is the last weekend before the winter break, this means no soccer for the mini's (U5 to U10) until January 12th. U11 to U18 teams scheduled to play home games on grass will need to advise their opponents (and the official score recorder) that there will be no games this weekend. Games on the turf field will proceed as scheduled. Please check with your opposition re: away games as each club will have their own criteria for opening fields for play.

Teams looking to schedule make up games or friendlies over the holiday's should contact the field scheduler directly to arrange times and officials.