Q: When does soccer season start? When does it end?

A: Depending on the age and level, club soccer runs from early September to early March, with a winter break approximately one month long. Cup play(from U14) may see the post-season extended into April or beyond. Team formations for competitive teams(U11-U13 Gold and U14-U18 VIPL) are finalised by mid-August, with other U11+ teams finalised after that. Minis(U5-U10) begin mid-September. Season start details will be posted online at www.lakehillsoccer.com, and families will be emailed information.

Q: For what ages does Lakehill Soccer have teams?

A: We run programs from Under 5 to Over 50s! “Under” as of December 31st of the players birth year. Example: a U11 registering for 2020-21 will turn 11 years old in 2021.

Q: At what level will my child play at Lakehill? On what days?

A: U5-U6, U7-U8, U9-U10("Minis") all play *House* on Saturdays at Braefoot. Lakehill Soccer Association enters teams into the Lower Island Soccer Association (LISA) leagues for all U11-U18 age teams, and games in each division are on the same day each week. All youth divisions play on Saturdays - except for U17/18 teams and VIPL boys teams, which are on Sundays. Information for U21-O50("Seniors") players can be found on the Senior Teams page, or on the VISL(mens leagues) or LIWSA(womens leagues) pages.  

Q: What kind of facilities do you have at Lakehill Soccer?

A: Our teams practice and play at Braefoot and Reynolds Park. Some teams may have games scheduled at Beckwith Park. Since the 2009-2010 season Lakehill Soccer has had an artifical turf playing field at Braefoot Park.

Q: What days and times do teams practice?

A: Lakehill practices for younger ages are usually scheduled for 5pm and last one hour. Older players will have later sessions. Practices are scheduled Monday-Thursday at Braefoot. Information for the most recent season's practice schedule can be found on the Practice Schedule page.

Q: What equipment is needed?

A: Players of all ages must provide their own soccer shoes (cleats) and shin guards. At younger levels (U5-U10 Minis) players wear their own shorts. Uniforms are provided by the club. Details can be found on the Registration Page.

Q: How do I register? And what are the fees? (Youth)

A: Registration starts at the beginning of April each season. Details and fees can be found on the Registration Page. Lakehill Soccer maintains multiple rates based on youth ages: U5/6 ; U7/8 ; U9-U12 and U13-U18.

Q: Some organizations require a volunteer deposit. Does Lakehill also?

A: Lakehill no longer requires a volunteer deposit. Volunteers Page.

Q: Does Lakehill provide my player with development training?

A: Yes! All players from U9-U14, including goalkeepers, participate in extra *Development Nights* which focus on skills development conducted by the club's technical staff.

Q: My player is over 18 years of age does Lakehill offer teams for them?

A: Yes! Lakehill offers a number of Seniors teams. Information is available on the Senior Teams page.

Q: Does the season continue over spring break?

A: Typically no, however those entered in Cup and Tournament play may be scheduled by the league depending on the calendar congestion though the league tries to avoid holiday play (except games are usually scheduled over Thanksgiving).

Q: I have more questions about Lakehill Soccer , who do I contact?

A: Send an email to our Director of Administration.