Volunteering can be a fun and rewarding way to be a part of your club. We also can't do it without you! Lakehill is a volunteer run club from top to bottom - the only paid positions are on the technical staff. So we need everyone to chip in to make our club the best place to play soccer in Greater Victoria!

In previous years, the club has asked every family to submit a volunteer deposit cheque for $100 at registration. The expectation was that every family would contribute a minimum of 5 hours of volunteer service each season to receive their deposuit back. For 2016/17 the volunteer deposit was eliminated, but we still really need those 5 hours from everyone! What if you have multiple children playing? It is still only 5 hours of volunteer time per immediate family, not 10 hours if you have 2 children, etc. Of course we'll happily take any extra hours you can give. Teenagers (aka players) can make the family contribution of hours, as can grandparents. Heck if we could find a use for them, we'd take the hours from the family pet!

To Volunteer: 

  1. Browse the Volunteer Positions List and select one that is still needed. 
  2. Contact the appropriate manager of that volunteer activity, or if no manager for that volunteer type, contact the club's Volunteer Coordinator with your selected position.
  3. Do your selected volunteering
  4. Bask in the warm glow of a good feeling, a job well done, and the respect and admiration of your club!